Career Development
Holding on to the philosophy of "value people with talent" and "market-oriented employment", Kexing Biopharm seeks to build its talent pool as the most important resource under the guidance of corporate strategies.
  • Kexing Biopharm Academy
    Kexing Biopharm Academy
    Kexing Biopharm Academy aims to build a learning and development platform integrating research, production and marketing via the operation of business-empowered projects by accurately conveying the company's culture and management philosophy, making unremitting efforts to build a learning-oriented organization.
  • Base Workshop
    Base Workshop
    The Base Workshop aims to cultivate a group of talent with extraordinary management ability and leadership as an efficient team that can serve the company's development needs, and comprehensively promote its quality-oriented development.
  • Torch Plan
    Torch Plan
    As a professional training program for R&D personnel, this plan combines the macro R&D strategic system with the micro technical requirements for standardized operations. The special coaching and in-depth training are provided to quickly improve personnel's comprehensive quality.
  • Huangpu Workshop
    Huangpu Workshop
    The Huangpu Workshop, dubbed the "Huangpu Military Academy" of Kexing Biopharm for marketing, aims to help new employees have a deep understanding of the corporate culture and get familiar with relevant regulations, norms, procedures and product services of the company, thus to unify their marketing concepts, strengthen their marketing skills and enhance their recognition of corporate identity.
  • Master Workshop
    Master Workshop
    The Master Workshop aims to stimulate individuals’ potential and nurture competent professionals, by which the company can show its craftsmanship spirit, improve management of production quality while forestalling cooperate risks.
Cultural Activities
Kexing Biopharm conducts a wide variety of activities under the corporate culture, making employees enjoy themselves in an efficient, pleasant and team-oriented atmosphere as the corporate culture has to convey—forging ahead in pursuit of innovation.