A leader in China recombinant protein therapeutics industry.
Kexing Biopharm is an innovative biopharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of recombinant protein therapeutics and microecological agents. We focus on pharmaceutical research in the therapeutic fields of antiviral, oncology, immunology, hematology, digestion and degenerative diseases.It has built cutting-edge biotechnology platforms such as new proteins, new antibodies and nucleic acid drugs. Adhering to the strategy of innovation and internationalization, explored the wide application of biotechnology in the field of general health, actively cultivated and incubated new industries, and is committed to becoming a leader in high- quality biopharmaceutics and serving global patients.

At present, our main products include the recombinant protein therapeutics " Human Erythropoietin (EPOSINO)", " Human Interferon α1b (SINOGEN)" and " Human Granulocyte Colony-stimulating Factor (WHITE-C)", as well as the microecological agent "Combined Clostridium Butyricum and Bifidobacterium (CLOBICO)",exclusive Chinese patent medicine" Kehuang capsule ", chemical drug" entecavir (SINGENSU) "and "albumin paclitaxel", monoclonal antibody drugs" infliximab (Reminton) ","bevacizumab" and "Adalimumab".

In recent years, we have achieved continued and rapid growth in its business, becoming a leader in the recombinant protein therapeutics industry. Our core products, remained at the forefront of similar varieties in China, have been adopted by nearly 20,000 sales terminals, including nearly 7000 hospitals in the provinces, municipalities and regions across China, and accessed into and sold in nearly 40 countries, including Brazil, Philippines and Indonesia.

A leader in China recombinant protein therapeutics industry.
With over two decades of accumulation in pharmaceutical R&D and industrialization, we have established a complete system of pharmaceutical R&D innovation, covering pharmaceutical innovation capabilities from pharmaceutical discovery, pharmaceutical research, preclinical research and clinical research to industrialized production. Depending on prokaryotic cell technology, eukaryotic cell technology and viable bacteria technology, we have built 7 world-leading technology platforms, including recombinant protein secretion and expression platform, recombinant protein therapeutics industrialization platform, long-act-ing recombinant protein platform, microeco-logical agent R&D and industrialization platform, strain platform, Antibody Technology Platform, and Vector Vaccine Technology Platform. At present, we have obtained 42 patents, more than 10 biopharmaceutical projects are being studied..

Following the mission of "Precise Products, Predictable Effects, Health Protection", we are devoted to providing patients with biotechnology, becoming the leader of high quality biologicals.